Vorzüge™ is a boutique company creating high end Headphone Amplifiers

Quantensprung durch Innovation


VorzAMP duo™ *Revised*

VorzAMPduo™ comprises of 4 internal amplifiers with top notch components to give its listeners the ultimate audio experience/clarity. Besides great audio fidelity, VorzAMP duo™ has since experienced numerous fine tuning and revisions specially designed for the sensitive IEMS to higher-range impedance Earphones.

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VorzAMP pure II™

VorzAMPpure II ™ is true to its name, in being an amplifier that is the dream of the Purist. This new high performance, ultra-low distortion, high fidelity amplifier with its 3 gain settings is designed to capture the whole spectrum of earphones devices, from the sensitive and precision IEMs to the power hungry professional Headphones.

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VorzAMP pure II + ™

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Vorzüge & Fidelity

Vorzüge™ maintains an exceptionally strong commitment to research, development and quality assurance. Dreams of audio enthusiasts are realized today through Vorzüge’s quest for excellence and perfektion. VorzAmp™ unique sound architecture is envisioned to meet virtually any audio challenge. A Boutique in the class of its own, the system is meticulously hand crafted, assembled, coupled with stringent testing and build for professional sound systems. VorzAmp™ is designed to deliver audio sound to any headphones, even intended for numerous headphones arranged simultaneously without lost of power and audio sound quality! Read More…

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